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As the owner of Fine Carpentry Plus, I have worked hard to earn my reputation as a respected carpenter and craftsman, and am committed to providing my customers with top quality workmanship at a fair price.  I consider myself a skilled artist - courteous, creative, and intent on solving whatever problem you're faced with no matter what the effort.

Specializing in all phases of carpentry from fine finish work, including crown molding and trim to remodeling and renovations, you will be delighted with the results.  I personally guarantee it!

Being a perfectionist and very detail-oriented, the end result will be workmanship you will admire and be proud to show off.  Please take a look at some of my work and read the testimonials to see what my satisfied customers have to say.

Of course, all of my work is "Otis Approved".

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Arty Cadwell



NOTE:  All Testimonials are verifiable.  Individual letters with the writer(s) contact information are available upon request.

We continue to get compliments on the beautiful bookcase Arty Cadwell designed and built in our home this past summer.  Our house, like most, has several unusual features that would pose a challenge to any woodworker. Arty came up with a beautiful design that accommodated our slightly unparalleled floor and ceiling.  He was extremely thorough in his measurements, thoughtful in his designs and meticulous in his craftsmanship.  He was also true to his word in every respect and vigilant in updating us on the project’s progress.  When we first met Arty, we presented him with a drawing of what we wanted.  Arty tactfully made several modifications that dramatically improved our ideas.  He more than tolerated our two inquisitive dachshunds and was exceptionally conscientious when it came to tidiness and safety.  He went to great lengths to ensure our comfort and convenience.  In fact, he made a point to do most of the construction off-site.  In short, Arty was creative, thorough, and conscientious.  He fashioned a beautiful piece of work exactly as promised.  He is the consummate craftsman who takes his work, his promises and our satisfaction as clients very seriously.  We are enormously happy with the job he did for us and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in quality workmanship.


- Ben and Melissa B.

I initially hired Arty  nearly 10 years ago to do some carpentry repair work on my home.  Subsequent to that initial repair job, I have engaged Arty’s services more times than I can count, to do everything from a complete renovation of our master bedroom and bath to creating a unique built-in bookcase with decorative woodwork in my den.   Thanks to his talents, our home has been transformed from a typical subdivision home into a showplace of creativity of which I am extremely proud.  There has never been a project too big or too small for Arty’s vast array of skills.   As we continue to work together on various home and business office improvements, I continue to be amazed at his ability to visualize exactly what I have in mind, then create something that consistently exceeds my expectations.   He is blessed with both the right brain creativity of the artist and the left brain skills of an exacting mathematician.  As a personal friend, I can tell you that Arty is honest, trustworthy, and responsible.  If you engage Arty Cadwell, you will be joining an elite club of us who have benefitted from knowing and working with him.  You will also be patting yourself on the back for many years to come for having made an excellent decision!

- Willard K.

It is my pleasure to both recommend and commend Arty Cadwell, cabinetmaker.  But Arty is so much more than that designation.  He is an artisan, a troubleshooter, a perfectionist, who strives to be as satisfied with the completed job as you are.  Mine was not a large project, a small "Manhattan kitchen" in a small condo, but Arty took it on eagerly, with the aim of making the most of every inch, and with the same care he would have given a much larger job.   He had wonderful suggestions on the use of color to enlarge the space.  I was already looking at cabinets, but he steered me to a supplier whose decorator he could recommend highly, and that move made a world of difference.  There were a couple of supplier problems which could have held up the job for weeks, but Arty was able to modify and work around those issues.  This took more of his time than anticipated, but there was never a hint of a change from his original quote, though I was happy to somewhat compensate him for his ingenuity and his consideration of my time frame.  His integrity is impeccable in every aspect of his work.   I was impressed also with the subs he used, for plumbing and electrical.  The extent of Arty Cadwell's talent is standing the test of time, and my lovely little kitchen has shown not one fault since the day he completed the job.  I recommend him without reservation.


- Dot W.

Arty Cadwell recently completed an exterior paint job on the trim of my brick home. He was very careful to protect the brick, shrubs, varnished trim and doors from any paint splashes. His work was done in a neat and professional manner.  I used him again on my son's house to replace an exterior porch ceiling.  It was a challenge but Arty knew what needed to be done.  He did a beautiful job making the ceiling better than before. At the time of the repair it was freezing temperatures here in Florida but he continued to work with great skill.  I will continue to call him and I highly recommend Arty because he does the job right the first time.  He's a man of integrity and master craftsman.

- Elaine & Gene P.

I want to thank you for the outstanding job you've done for us at the Tommy Bahama project in Atlanta, Georgia.  As you know, there is a large amount of cabinets, trim and molding which requires a very high level of skill to install.  The job you've done on the front doors was excellent, too.  I would recommend your services to anyone who needs a reliable, honest and highly skilled carpenter.  Thanks again and hope to see you on another project soon.

- Ralph S.

  Retail Store Installations, LLC

My wife and I undertook an extensive renovation and addition to our home about a year ago. Mr. Arthur Cadwell (Arty) was engaged by the contractor to handle a multitude of jobs during the process. Arty is an excellent carpenter and is intent on quality and doing things right. The trim work in our home is beautifully done and drew excellent comments from our architect. He does a wonderful job in painting and handles various odd jobs expertly. Arty is completely reliable and trustworthy and he is an individual whose word means a lot to him. You can depend on what he tells you. We would highly recommend him for any work in the home and we continue to rely on him for various jobs that need attention.

- Larry H.

Please accept this as a letter of recommendation for Mr. Arty Cadwell. I have worked and been friends with Mr. Cadwell since the early 1990's. I know him to be an exceptionally talented, hard working, honest, family man with high moral character. Some of his work has been featured in Southern Homes Magazine and Atlanta Magazine. I highly recommend Mr. Cadwell as a skilled craftsman on any project for which you might secure him.

- James P.

I have known Arty Cadwell for the past twelve years. Over this time period we have used him as a general contractor on many of our jobs, as well as giving out his name for direct referrals. Arty's workmanship is outstanding and his neatness and integrity are beyond reproach. For the record I personally chose to have Arty as the general contractor on the last major kitchen project at my personal residence. I highly recommend Mr. Cadwell for any type of construction and would be happy to talk to anyone who needs more information personally.

- Harry H.

This is a letter of recommendation for Arty Cadwell. He has done various work (painting, carpentry, repair) in our home over the past three years. His work has always been excellent. He does every job to perfection and always keeps and leaves his work area clean. Arty is one of the most honest, kind and hard working people we have had the pleasure to know. It is a pleasure to be around him. We both recommend him without reservation.

- Claire and Jim F.

Over the past four years, Arty has performed three projects for us: 1) extensive indoor painting 2) the remodeling of a bathroom, and 3) the remodeling of our kitchen. Each of these projects was performed with the highest-quality of workmanship. Arty takes tremendous pride in his work, and it shows. Some of the more important traits we look for in a craftsman include attention to detail, trustworthiness, and respect for our property. These traits apply to Arty as follows: Attention to detail: Arty is quite focused on doing the job right. When painting, he brings in professional lighting to ensure that the walls' imperfections are covered/repaired prior to applying the final coat of paint. When building, he painstakingly measures to ensure that cuts are made accurately and angles line up properly. He is conscientious about every aspect of the job. Honesty/Trustworthiness: While numerous instances come to mind, we'll mention just one: After finishing a job, we had different recollections of what the job's price was, and we had not retained a copy of the original quote. We remembered it to be x, and Arty remembered it to be x+. Out of respect for Arty, we went ahead and paid him x+. Later that day, he went home and was able to find his copy of the original quote. It was for the lesser amount. He immediately called us to let us know and wrote us a check for the difference. Respect for our property: Before doing any job, Arty spends considerable time making sure that the project does not affect the rest of the house. For example, at the start of each day, Arty will cover air vents and doorways to ensure that dust from the project does not circulate throughout the house. After finishing each day, he sweeps and vacuums the subject area, so that our evenings are not overly affected by the project. In summary, Arty is a professional who takes great pride in his work. We recommend him without reservation.

- C. Milton "Mitt" and Rebecca W.

Arty Cadwell remodeled my bathroom including a total replacement of the shower (pan included). The floor and shower were tiled with a custom pattern and body sprays were added. The bathroom is a showplace straight out of Architectural Digest. In addition, Arty has done other work including structural, sheet rock and the addition of ventilation fans. The work is exceptional and I consider it a tremendous value. All the work I am confident is permanently repaired. I highly recommend Arty for any remodeling work. His work is exceptional and is truly that of a craftsman.

- Forrest M.

Arty Cadwell has built a deck for us at our residence. We chose him over four other contractors because he was most eager for the job. He showed us pictures of other jobs he had completed. He wasn't the most inexpensive one, but he convinced us he was very good at what he does. He completed the deck in four days with what we consider an excellent job. He was pleasant to work with and is open to suggestions. The deck is a beautiful master piece and is just what we wanted. It is built to perfection and without flaw. We would recommend this man to build anything he states he can. Thank you.

- Thea W.

On April 9, 1998 our whole world changed. It was 12:30 AM and all seemed well. My wife, Jill, and two of our three daughters, Nicki (20), and Jaime (8), were asleep. Our middle child Erica (16) was on Spring break and vacationing in Florida with friends. A close neighbor called and frantically spoke with Nicki. "Wake everyone up and get to a safe place", she said. "A tornado has been spotted in Dunwoody." Nicki got us up and we rushed to the half bath in the middle of the house, on the ground floor. There is where we huddled and prayed, and while God protected our lives, Mother Nature reeked havoc on our real and personal property. Now, everyone was physically fine, even the cat and two dogs, but the world we lived in was destroyed. Then the real fun started. The insurance and contractor problems we went through were just horrendous. After a period of eight months we had to file an Insurance Commission Complaint in order to acquire the monies needed to start repairs. The contractor we retained did such a poor job that we were forced to file a civil and criminal action against him in order to stop work. Now, in this format, I couldn't begin to tell you all the troubles we went through, so I won't even try. But let it be known, that we were lied to, taken advantage of, disillusioned and down right hurt by those who were under contract to help us in our time of need. In December of 1998 we had to step forward to be our own Prime Contractor and start soliciting and interviewing people who might be able to help us put our lives back together again. The sources we used were varied. A friend of a friend, hearsay, letters of reference, but most of all face to face discussions. One such person was Arty Cadwell. Surprisingly enough, we found Arty advertised in the Dunwoody Crier. He explained who he was and the duties he could perform. He had references available and a voice and demeanor that brought me back to the early seventies. This was someone we had to meet. Now, he said he was busy and that we couldn't get together for at least a week. This was disappointing but we had plenty of other rabbits to chase and we really weren't ready to employ anyone just yet. A few days later, while reading the next issue of the Crier, I came across an unsolicited referral for Arty in a section of the paper, which was dedicated to contractors of workmanship and conscience. About a week later Arty rolled up to our house in his compact '93 Nissan pickup truck. Could this be our man? Where is his giant steed? Surely he had a king cab or an Expedition around the corner. Our first meeting lasted about two hours, after which we called one of his references. The call went better than even expected, so we asked Arty to help rebuild our home. The next two meetings went well, he told us what to expect, about how much time it would take and about how much it would cost. We didn't request to enter into a contract or even ask for a firm fixed price bid. By this time we were convinced we were going to get our 'best bang for the buck' with Arty and we did. Arty repaired those things broken and replaced those things which were beyond repair. He then tweaked our home better than we could have done ourselves. He made suggestions of scheme and tastefulness that were right on target. He knew how to bring out the qualities of our home better than any architect possibly could have. Every leveled ceiling, every stick of wood, every drop of paint, every cabinet, shelf, door, step built, or tile laid was done with perfection, using quality materials and in a professional manner. Arty's ethics and quality of workmanship are beyond reproach. He earns and deserves every dollar paid. Arty takes pride in doing a job and doing it right the first time. He treats your home as he would treat his own. Last but not least, he has become a friend, one that we will treasure for years to come. He will always represent the sunshine after our storm. Come visit our home or at least give us a call if you have any reservations about using this refreshingly funny, amazingly honest true craftsman.

- Jim and Jill S.

Arty Cadwell

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